All Cycle Across America Posts

The route, east to west, Atlantic to Pacific

Some entries were handwritten, others were spoken into a tape recorder

Part 00: Introduction - Arrival in Boston

Part 01: Boston through Rhode Island to Connecticut

Part 02: A Good Day in Connecticut

Part 03: Fairfield, CT

Part 04: Cycling into New York City

Part 05: New York, NY to Philadelphia, PA

Part 06: Philadelphia, PA through Delaware to Maryland

Part 07: Taping while cycling in Maryland

Part 08: Ridgely, MD to Princess Anne, MD

Part 09: The Eastern Shore, Virginia, and getting killed

Part 10: Virginia — Aftermath

Part 11: Virginia — Unable to Walk

Part 12: Virginia — A New Bicycle

Part 13: Virginia — Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Part 14: Virginia — Return

Part 15: Into North Carolina

Part 16: North Carolina — Oak City to Goldsboro

Part 17: North Carolina — Goldsboro to Fayetteville

Part 18: Fayetteville, NC to Bennettsville, South Carolina

Part 19: Taping while Riding the Bicycle in South Carolina

Part 20: South Carolina — Columbia to Aiken

Part 21: South Carolina into Georgia

Part 22: Taping Myself in a Georgian Thunderstorm

Part 23: Atlanta — A Rest Day

Part 24: A 90-Mile Cycle in Georgia

Part 25: Into Alabama

Part 26: Alabama — Black Warrior River

Part 27: Storm Dodging in Alabama

Part 28: Into Mississippi

Part 29: Mississippi — Tupelo to Oxford

Part 30: From Mississippi into Arkansas

Part 31: East Arkansas

Part 32: Arkansas — Towards Little Rock

Part 33: The Middle of Arkansas

Part 34: Western Arkansas

Part 35: Into Oklahoma

Part 36: Oklahoma — Fort Gibson and Around

Part 37: Oklahoma — Northward

Part 38: Oklahoma Into Kansas

Part 39: Southeastern Kansas

Part 40: Assault on Kansas City, Missouri

Part 41: Kansas City, MO and the Royals

Part 42: KC, MO and Elsmore Day in Kansas

Part 43: KC, MO and RenFest

Part 44: Missouri — Leaving Kansas City

Part 45: Northwest Missouri

Part 46: Missouri into Iowa

Part 47: Iowa — The Wabash Trace

Part 48: Omaha, Nebraska

Part 49: Nebraska — Omaha to Lincoln

Part 50: Nebraska — Lincoln to York

Part 51: Nebraska — York to Hastings

Part 52: Nebraska — Hastings to Holdrege

Part 53: Nebraska into Kansas

Part 54: Kansas — South from Phillipsburg

Part 55: Kansas — Counties Rooks, Ellis and Trego

Part 56: Kansas — WaKeeney to Jetmore

Part 57: Kansas — Dodge City

Part 58: Kansas — Ambush on the Yellow Brick Road

Part 59: The Oklahoma Panhandle

Part 60: Texas Panhandle — Ochiltree and Hansford Counties

Part 61: Texas — Spearman to Borger

Part 62: Texas — The Way to Amarillo

Part 63: Texas — Amarillo to Tulia

Part 64: Texas — Tulia to Lubbock

Part 65: Texas — A Letter Home to Ireland from Lubbock

Part 66: Texas — Lubbock Prison Stories

Part 67: Texas — Lubbock Television

Part 68: Texas — Lubbock to Brownfield

Part 69: Texas — Brownfield towards New Mexico

Part 70: From Texas into New Mexico

Part 71: New Mexico — Lovington to Artesia

Part 72: New Mexico — Artesia to Roswell

Part 73: New Mexico — Roswell to the Mountains

Part 74: New Mexico — Ruidoso

Part 75: New Mexico — Ruidoso to the Tularosa Basin

Part 76: New Mexico — White Sands

Part 77: New Mexico — The San Agustin Pass

Part 78: New Mexico — The Rio Grande

Part 79: New Mexico — The Middle of Nowhere

Part 80: New Mexico — Northwest from Deming

Part 81: New Mexico — The Continental Divide

Part 82: Into Arizona

Part 83: Arizona — San Carlos Reservation

Part 84: Arizona — Tonto National Forest

Part 85: Arizona — Tempe

Part 86: Arizona — Leaving Phoenix

Part 87: Arizona — Southwest Dreams

Part 88: Somewhere, Arizona

Part 89: Into California

Part 90: California — Algodones Dunes

Part 91: California — Yuma Desert

Part 92: California — Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Part 93: California — Ocean

Me, in my Dublin jersey and on a bicycle called Long Grass (1996)




Artist from Ireland. Paints pictures. FB: LiamDalyArt. Cycles long distances; has a beard, an XtraCycle, a Brompton. A Dub. Drinks tea. Loved a dog.

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Eolaí the Artist

Eolaí the Artist

Artist from Ireland. Paints pictures. FB: LiamDalyArt. Cycles long distances; has a beard, an XtraCycle, a Brompton. A Dub. Drinks tea. Loved a dog.

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